Monday, December 24, 2007


The Chinese New Year is coming soon & you will see long queues at BBQ meat stores again. With development of vegetarian population, more vegetarians brands of BBQ meat also emerge.

I had promised Crystal to recommend my favourite brand in my blog. It comes in long rectangular box & the BBQ meat is sealed air-tight.
I like its texture, very close to the real one to chew and in small pieces so that you can easily treat it as a snack.
The labels say that it is manufactured in Spore & the ingredients are Soy Bean Protein, Cane sugar, Spice & seasonings, Permitted food colouring & No Preservatives.
However, too much of snacks to yourself is no good, so share with your friends & eat moderately.:-)

I got it from the shop: Xin Yuan Vegn Food Trading, located at Fortune Centre #01-25 , Middle Rd (behind the escalator).
I believe it is the same shop that Crystal recommended.