Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vege Kim-chi Roll

Another similar product like Fried Pumpkin Patty. Tasted very similar except that the fillings is now kimchi & not pumpkin. (somehow, the fillings is not very equal in portion, I would think stricter quality control shd be enforced)

I would think a more healthy way will be to steam it or quick boil though recommended is frying on its label.

Ingredients: Glucomannan, Canola oil, Starch, Salt, Sugar, Kimchi, Vegetarian seasoning.

However, Milk products had been mentioned as allergens on its label & ingredients described not as comprehensive as the Fried Pumpkin Patty's. There is a Lacto vegetarian label so likely the whey protein which contains milk protein had been omitted in the label...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vegetarian Snack Time!!!!

Was recommended this German organic chocolate brand and love it!

Organic Dark Mint from VIVANI~ The Art of Chocolate
Its mint is really refreshing and dark chocolate smooth but not too bitter...

Dark chocolate: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, butterfat.
Peppermint filling: raw cane sugar, wheat glucose syrup, peppermint oil.
Cocoa solids: 68% minimum.
And note *May contain traces of almonds & hazelnuts.
(not peanuts as some other brands :-))

Organic milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts, see the nuts in the picture? The hazelnuts are Really fresh & crunchy though the milk chocolate tastes normal in comparison.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, hazelnuts(26%), cocoa butter, whole milk poweder, cocoa mass, cream powder, skimmed milk powder, bourbon vanilla.
Cocoa solids: 32% min
Milk siolids: 18%
*May contain traces of almonds & wheat.
You can get them in most organic shops, price wise, slightly more expensive than general brands in supermarket (organic mah...) but well, pamper yourself once in a while....:P

Vegetarian Snack Time!!!!

Must try!!!!
I got this Crispy Cereal Cracker from Kg Senang's stall during Vesak @ kmspks.
The actual cracker looks per picture, it comes in 7 mini packs with thin piece of crispy cracker and be careful, it is fragile....
In good form of 1 whole piece, while eating it, you really feel being pampered and blessed with such a delicacy.
On top of the wheat cracker, one can find:
Sesame seeds, Soybean, Pumpkin seeds, Cashew nuts, Mung bean seeds, Pearl barley, Brown rice.
Nutritious & delightfully tasty, a touching sensation arouse when you put it in your mouth...too sentimental???:PP
Nutri Mate is a product from Thailand, imported by The Sukha House Pte Ltd.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vegetarian Snack Time!!!

Hmm, these moon shaped biscuits which I also got from Yes Natural's stall at Vesak@Orchard may not look appetising but its taste is superb, very fragrant, filling & rich that when I offered to non-vegetarian colleagues, they all asked where they could get them.:-)
Each box comes in 2 small packets but if you eat a packet by yourself (which you couldn't stop after 1 piece :P), you could easily have overfilling sensation after finishing do try to stop yourself or share with friends...

Biscuits - Red Yeast (Vegan) flavour
Yes Natural's Yue Liang Biscuits (Happy Moon) in shapes of moon crest
Ingredients stated on label: unbleached flour, butter, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower seeds, non-GMO Soy Beans, sugar, Sesame , rice (No pesticides, no chemical, fertilisers), wheat gems, oats bran, red yeast, salt, sodium-bicabonate

Taiwan mfgr: Tsan Yu Yen Food, Ltd.
Agt: Yes Natural Trading PL

Perhaps the Taiwanese needs to improve in their English translation as the word, "butter" referred in Chinese version is not what we literally known as butter in English which is not considered as vegetarian...