Monday, December 24, 2007


The Chinese New Year is coming soon & you will see long queues at BBQ meat stores again. With development of vegetarian population, more vegetarians brands of BBQ meat also emerge.

I had promised Crystal to recommend my favourite brand in my blog. It comes in long rectangular box & the BBQ meat is sealed air-tight.
I like its texture, very close to the real one to chew and in small pieces so that you can easily treat it as a snack.
The labels say that it is manufactured in Spore & the ingredients are Soy Bean Protein, Cane sugar, Spice & seasonings, Permitted food colouring & No Preservatives.
However, too much of snacks to yourself is no good, so share with your friends & eat moderately.:-)

I got it from the shop: Xin Yuan Vegn Food Trading, located at Fortune Centre #01-25 , Middle Rd (behind the escalator).
I believe it is the same shop that Crystal recommended.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wakame Seaweed Shoot & Udon noodles

Introducing traditional Japanese Health Food - Wakame Seaweed Shoot. It is believed to be a perfect source of natural organic minerals, a must for miso soup. It is commonly found in instant noodles pack. In dried form, it just look something like dried tea leaves. For the pack that I bought from the organic store, I just quickly wash & drain a small portion in a bowl & it expanded to quite a fair portion.

Adding my favourite Super Veg. Ball, WuXiang Toufu & whatever vegetables I could find to my udon, I added my own seasoning : light soy sauce, veg. oyster sauce & sesame oil. Simply add the seaweed shoot just before you switch off the fire & cover the pot, let it simmer for a while & you have a nice bowl of nutritious soup udon. :-)

Super Veg. Ball & Noodles

I had the opportunity to do some cooking when my cook-my mum was out of town. Knowing that I would settle my meals with instant noodles & I like to have ingredients to go with it, she made sure that she stocked up my favourite Super Veg. Balls & some vegetables before she left for her trip.

Introducing my favourite - Super Veg. Ball (Main ingredients are mushroom & yam powder) It is a must to add to my soup. It is crunchy & is a good substitute for meat ball. (Must recognise this brand/packaging, tried another brand of bigger size ball but is not as nice:P )

Next, is my favourite vegetables - Di Huang Cai. Usually stir-fry with vegetarian oyster sauce but taste as good when cooked with soup.
Yummy, just throw in whatever ingredients I could find, add in my own seasoning: light soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce & sesame oil.
In 10 minutes, a nice bowl of noodles is ready :-)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Himalayan Rock Salt

Before seeing this product, I knew only about 2 types of salt: table salt & sea salt. The label states that the Himalayan Rock Salt is mined from ancient salt deposits formed over millions of years :P , is naturally fortified with 84 trace minerals and compleletly chemical free. Wow! In comparison to sea salt, it is also lower in sodium content (less salty) and certainly a healthier choice for cooking . I was even recommended to use this to to brush my teeth & as a substitute to soap for bath/facial scrub.The price is rather reasonable, just slightly expensive than table salt in considering the various advantages so I bought a bottle to try. I had tried using it as facial & body scrub & it sure work as well as those expensive scrub bought. The only problem with scrub is your skin will feel dry so you will have to apply moisturiser after that to replenish your moisture. Hence, I would recommend using it on weekly rather than daily basis.
Had too much heaty food that you developed mouth ulcers? You may also use it to mix with water to rinse your mouth, I think it does help :-)
Wonders of salt... :-)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fruit Mask

Being a lazy person, I hardly spend time to take care of my skin. There is a saying that there is no ugly women but lazy women:P.

When my skin starts to give signal that it needs attention & moisture, and not in time to wait for my next facial appointment, I will do a quick DIY by getting a packet of the strawberry facial masque from Watson store (at <$2).

The product label has indicated that it contains vegetarian collagen (most other facial product collagen are mostly non-vegetarian unless specifically indicated) and is against animal testing.

The masque is able to let me apply twice even when I use it generously, so that makes it <$1 per use:-)

The product is so natural that you can actually see strawberry ingredients (the seedlike rough exterior of strawberry?).
And is easy to use for a lazy person like me, just cleanse your face & apply generously on your face & neck & leave it for 10-5minutes then rinse. Ater the rinse, I feel that my skin is revitalised & moisturised. Have a try :-)

Disclaimer: Natural extract can cause sensitivity too, it is always advisable to apply a small amt to inside of your upper arm to test for any reaction.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Natural Health Food - Funori (Bird's nest of the sea)

In a visit to an organic health food shop, I was recommended "Bird's Nest of The Sea" - Funori or jelly seaweed which I was told has great nutritional value.

(It expanded after an hour)

(Boiled red dates with Funori)

According to the label, its mineral content includes: calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.

It is believed that the ample iron in funori is beneficial to metabolism such that fatigue does not occur so readily and its abundance in calcium can prevent steoporosis.

Its rich collagen also serves to replenish the cartilage between joints, strengthen bones, sinews and ligaments as well as lower back pains etc.

Sounds like really good stuff, so I bought a pkt to try...

I soaked half of it in water as instructed & it really expanded 5-8times :P

I tried the simplest recipe recommended:

1. Boil red dates/wolfberries with rock sugar (yellow sugar preferred and be generous with it so that the sweetness covers the funori's "fishy" smell) until fully cooked.

2. Leave to cool & add chopped funori.

3. For those who like the dessert cold, you may put it in fridge & its gelatin texture will cause it to be jelly like which I find it more tasty this way:-)

The final product looks like Bird's nest which is also likely how it gets its common name but texture is not as good. If anyone knows more ways of cooking it to make it tastier, do let me know as its original taste is rather bland & innovative ideas are required to make it tastier & popular.

Strongly encouraged to take for its nutritional value.