Sunday, January 31, 2010

Instant Funori Jelly

It's quite a tedious process to make Funori dessert the traditional way but with the popularity of Funori as a good supplement for Collagen & being inexpensive, it had caught the attention of merchants to come up with different brands & ways to let people enjoy it. The most popular form is the jelly style which is often being served in those organic cafe. I would thought it difficult to home-made to the softness & smoothness of cafe standard (tasted like the ice jelly found at dessert stalls) but no longer a trouble after the invention of such rock sugar cube type of instant funori dessert.

(dissolving the cube in hot water)

This was bought outside the promotion stall set up for CNY goodies outside the Fortune Centre Vegetarian supply shop near the escalator. (However, I found out that there is another new vegetarian supply shop: "Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food Paradise" which just opened at #02-23 Fortune Centre & is retailing this product)

The product from Taiwan has 2 version. This brown version that I bought was pre-added with brown sugar, red-dates and dried longan, there's also the plain version which you could add lime or passion fruit syrup or any creation yourself.

Add 500ml (5 cups) of hot water to cube & stir til dissolved.
If you find it still too sweet, which I do, simply add more water till to your taste.
Cool it & put in fridge (non-chiller section), within hrs, you could enjoy one whole big bowl of Funori jelly with a family of 6 at the price of 1.5 cup at cafe. Really refreshing on a hot day!

Crystal had a good post on her blog on the after-product of the jelly. Pls click here:

For convenience, these instant products are great, however, to really feel the collagen presence, I would prefer the conventional way of processing it, as maybe psychologically, you know through the process that there is really rich collagen content in the funori you are having. :-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lazy Way of Enjoying Avocado

Yes, it's me on instant food series again.
So simple,
choose a ripen, soft avocado,
just cut the fruit into half without hurting the seed,
and use the half with the hollow space (without the seed) as a saucer for chilli,
use a small spoon and scoop the fruit like ice-cream & dip with the chilli sauce.
Heinz chilli sauce is currently my favourite dip as it is sweet & a good complement to the avocado which is quite bland in taste. :-)
Or for those who likes some thrill, use wasabi as the complement dip. :-)
For those who really like sweetness, try Molasses, healthy & nutritious!

What do you do with the seed?
Wash it with running water, dry it, then plant it with 1/3 of the tip popping out of the soil.
Water it daily, and in a few weeks, if you are one with green fingers, a stalky green plant would grow.

Yes, it grows in Spore weather... But it may take long before you can enjoy the fruit. :-)