Monday, December 14, 2009

Burdock Mock Meat Floss

In the recent tour to India and Sri Lanka, in order to avoid possibilities of being unused to the local Indian food, we usually enjoyed some additional side-dishes shared by our tour-mates. Amongst the list are the Pickled Cai-Xin, Olive vegetables, Belajan chilli and quite a number of own-made vegetarian delicacies such as above, a delicacy of mushroom stalk fried with ginger (must recall the recipe given by the vegetarian auntie:P) which finished within one round of sharing.

Another recommendable instant product is this Burdock Fragrant Fibrous Shredded brought by our Malaysian tour-mates. It is also a product of Taiwan and I believe should be available in Spore too. How good is it? It received quite a good comment from those non-vegetarians too.

Along the journey, on the coach, we also shared our own favourite tibits like the ginger slices, Ba Xian Guo, lemon slices, of different varieties from different countries (now I know what's good other than my HK Plum Ginger or HouBao which they also like:-) ) and it is great to exchange pointers where we could get them. It is also like a cultural exchange on food for the trip. :-)