Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taiwan Delights

We didn't had time to do shopping so we bought the popular local pastries from the airport. My family liked the Sun Cake and I was delighted to find our favourite brand having the vegetarian version. In fact, there are quite a few vegetarian pastries/brand if you ask the salesgirls for assistance.
Ingredients labelled: Flour, Sugar, Embryo (rice?米芽) bud , Honey, Vegetable Oil-etc. I think the vegetarian version tasted as nice as the non-vegetarian version from my faded memory:-)

My friend recommended another product called Butter Pastry which has a similar taste, more like a bigger version of Sun Cake in my opinion. Ingredients labelled: Flour, Granulated sugar, Butter, Vegetable oil. Under the English label, it stated "Pure Vegetarian". :P

Another favourite product from Jiu Fen, the plum in a small jelly wasn't available at the airport outlet:-( I sure miss that as well...