Sunday, August 30, 2009

Instant Veggie Buns

Wow, went to supermart recently & a peep at the frozen instant food section saw many variety of buns. Was surprised to find this famous Abalone brand selling other products and included vegetarian mini-buns & mantous!

The yellowish squarish buns are their Wholemeal Pumpkin Mini Mantous and shown in the lower picture are their Mushrooom Mini buns. Their texture are quite nice, as good as those bought from stalls. And it is easy to prepare, just have to steam them, a good alternate consideration for breakfast. :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Organically Grown Raisins - Jumbo Size

Not much of a raisin lover, however, I fell in love with it when my colleague gave me a box of the Sunview "Organically Grown Raisins " (Jumbo size!) . It is much juicer & tastier & not too sweet as compared to the traditional raisins.

It can be found under the Organic section of most supermarts.
They have the minibox pack version that made it easier for you to travel with & share with friends. For most who really love it, they even have the hugh tin versions! And they have 3 versions: Red, Black and Green grapes. Try them and find out which version you like better!!!
A quick search on benefits of raisins showed that raisins help with eyesight, oral hygiene and they act as antioxidants. A healthy snack...
Tips: try get them (tin) at wet Market fruit stalls (cheapest I get is $7per tin but costed at least $2 more at supermarts)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vegetable Dumpling

Another vegetarian product from Taiwan. This is currently my favourite brand of instant dumplings, and mum always stock this with the Super Veg. Ball to fix up a quick soup for me. You may steam, boil or fry it.

Also a good complement with instant noodles or vermicelli.:-)

Ingredients on label: Wheat Flour, Cabbage, water, Spring Rain?? (Dong Fen/Rice vermicelli:P), Soybean oil, Soybean protein, Jews-ear??/ (Mu er/Black Fungus:P), Carrot, Celery, Soy Sauce, Sesame oil, Salt.

Easily available in most Vegetarian Food Supply outlets.