Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beetroot Oat Milk

We ran out of Biogreen Five Grain Oatmilk Energy and the shop patronised is out of stock too and S was recommended this other product from Taiwan: Beetroot Oat Milk.
Similarly,it could be easily prepared by just adding 2 table-spoon of it into 250cc of hot water and stir briskly until dissolved completely for drinking.

It is stated on label to be of no preservatives; no coloring and flavoring, no sugar and Dairy-free! It is a pinkish-red drink which then if no coloring is because of its beetroot ingredient and is sweeter in comparison to the Biogreen Five Grain Oatmilk Energy drink. Quite a nice drink too at cost of ard $10 more per tin in comparison.

Ingredients on label: Oat, Beetroot, Lactobacillus, Water-soluble Dietary Fiber, Calcium Gluconate, Grapeseed extract, Red Clover, Flaxseed, Vitamin A,C,E, B2,B6, & B12, Soy Isoflavones, Yam extract and Ginkgo Nut extract.