Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby corns

New vege introduced by the vendor : Baby corns with corn Silks still covering it.
Unlike the usual baby corns with exterior removed, the immature maizes were harvested early and sold to us just like the mature maize with external leaves covering it.
Was told that these baby corns made a good ingredient to cook with barley water and has good detoxing effects.
Just cleanse the covered baby corn with some water to remove any soil or dust and throw a few stalks with its cover unremoved to brew with barley water.
Unlike the exterior removed baby corns, the protected corn is much softer in texture and much sweeter and fresher that after brewing in barley water, one can remove the exterior and munch on it which has a natural sweetness and soft to chew.
A great difference in comparison to the usual baby corns with exterior protection case removed and has harder texture in comparison especially after cooking.
Try it! :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vegetarian Snack Time!

D visited a fair and bought this Brown Rice Biscuits (a product from Taiwan).
Tasted like those cone biscuits for ice-cream and it states "Lacto-Vegetarian" (allows dairy pdts) on the packaging and yes, it goes well with ice-cream.:-)

Flour, Pearl Barley, Brown Rice, Peanuts, Sugar, Butter, Whey protein, Salt, Vitamin E.