Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sweet Noodles

In a recent puja attended, there was a small bowl of sweet noodles  (Tian Mee) served during lunch which brought back good old memories when we were young and our parents used to bring us to visit a temple at Punggol which served the sweet noodles on their Sunday lunch to the public. S enquired mum if she could remember and mum replied that the sweet noodles is a birthday celebration noodles for the Teochews and served monthly at the temple. Only then do we know this Teochew tradition and a request was made to cook this noodles on next birthday.
Hence, this bowl of simple but full of love and sweetness noodles shown above materialised.  
Simply drop a cube of coconut/brown sugar into a pot of water to boil and then put the fine eggless noodles (boiled & drained in advance) into the pot to cook. No other ingredients needed. Well, now I understand why in the lunch, only a small bowl about 2 mouthful is distributed for each to taste, because taking one normal portion bowl can be overwhelming! 2 mouthful is just nice...Good things need not be much, so just cook one small bowl for all to share the sweetness...  :-)
May All Be Well !!!
May All Be Happy !!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Healthy Tea

C introduces me to the great benefits of Gynostemma & Rosemary.
Her new brand of tea products...
Cute packaging, Great Christmas gifts...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Silver Dew ~ Silver Defense

Silver Dew - A product introduced to me by a friend. A Made in Singapore odourless Antiseptic with Healing component that is safe for spraying directly onto the face and even drinking it according to the testimonials given.

I am one who is quite cautious about consuming such products into my precious body but I don't mind trying on exterior skin.

And it came introduced handy in a season that I always have unknown sensitive skin problem or Eczema. At the beginning symptom of it, I immediately sprayed using their small spray bottle (travel pack) that is designed for convenience of use on affected area and till now,  it is under good control. :-)
On another occasion, in the red eye infection season, I was recommended to spray directly on my face at a distance like mist and by the next day, the itchiness and red eye disappeared.
Indeed an anti-bacterial dew!

Then, it was also recommended for its healing effect on hard to heal infected wounds especially for diabetics. Hmm, just got some cuts & blisters recently, and yeah, it works wonder again!!!!
It is a Made In Singapore! product. :-)
It comprises of  pure distilled water and ultra pure 99.999% silver with new technology called Silverlysis.
Learn more about it at:
And it seems to have an amazing range of uses, More uses of it on :
It has now been added to my Must Have Travel Essentials Pack. :-)
The distributor is now having a promotion and if you order it online:
, it would be kind of you to quote your source about it from: sunnyvege
and I may earn some credit from their recommendation scheme for next purchase. :-)
Cheers, Happy Healing! :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vegetarian Salmon

 Wow, what is this fishy dish doing at my vegetarian blog?
No worries, another brilliant mock product found ~ Vegetarian Salmon...
After trying the vegetarian salmon at Zen Japanese Restaurant, I had hunted for quite a while before I saw this real resemblance frozen product selling at a bean curb stall at Red hill Lane market (79 Redhill Lane, abt 1 bustop away from Redhill MRT station) located beside a pork stall. Not daring enough to try it raw & preferred cooked, Mum steamed it as if it was real with odour removers such as ginger, parsley , tomatoes and plum sauce and also added my favourite lady-fingers.
No, it doesn't have cooked salmon tough meat texture but more to soft sashimi bite which was also why recommended way on package is to defrost naturally & slice & dip with wasabi.  It's a hugh pack that one can cook several portions with and the price definitely cheaper than the price of a plate served in the restaurant. :P
The stall also carries a number of products from the Malaysian Everbest vegetarian brand which among them included the mock Dongpo meat (with no porky smell! ) and mock Braised Duck.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak Chilli

My new favourite - Vegetarian Nasi Lemak Chilli. Available in most Vegetarian supplies stores.
Sweet & spicy, quite a replicate of the non-vegetarian version that goes well with rice & noodles.
Made in Malaysia with ingredients:
Chilli, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Bakkarat, Tomato Sauce, Vegetarian Spices