Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brown Rice Handmade Noodles

Recently this brand of Brown Rice Handmade Noodles (ONE~Organic Natural Essential) had invaded local vegetarian super-marts. Easy to cook like instant noodles, just throw it into a pot of hot water and add your own seasoning and ingredients, it makes a more healthier choice. (Quantity equals about 2 packs of instant noodles and price)
They offer 3 choices: Mee Tarik (labelled Lamian but after expansion like fattened Yimian); Mee Suah & Mee Soya (Banmian) which represent different thickness. I prefer their Mee Suah which when expanded after cooking becomes like the smooth Handmade noodles (Lamian) that is of right smooth texture and thickness that I like.

Product of Malaysia with ingredients : Brown Rice Powder, Unbreached Four, Sea Salt, Distilled Water.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Instant Breakfast Pack

What I like about the Instant breakfast packs in Taiwan is they have more variety and  are Healthier. For example, this popular brand in Singapore, did not carry this Purple Rice with Purple Yam cereal pack which is believed to be more nutritious. 
Hope they could bring in more healthy choices to Singapore soon...
(A Taiwanese friend commented she don't understand why the Singaporeans like the liquid M pack which even their local children no longer take, a S'porean friend gave quite an interesting reply: because we are so lazy even to bite so the liquid form is preferred :P)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gong Cai 贡菜

I had been looking for this pickled vegetables from Taiwan ever since I tasted it since my 1st visit to Taiwan 10 years ago. However latter trips to Taiwan & local supermart selling Taiwanese products to find it was fruitless. Finally, this round, I managed to find it again at a vegetarian supermart in Taiwan (GaoXiong 's WenShu Supermart by Ven Huili's centre).
The pickled vegetables is very well-marinated with sesame chilli oil & crunchy with bite.
Goes well with noodles, porridge, or rice. The vege is actually 帝皇苗.
Hopefully it will be available in Spore soon.

Its web :