Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegetarian Assam Fish

Another new product tried! Vegetarian Assam Fish! Claims to be 100% Vegetarian, product of Singapore from Tian Xin Su Shi Bao Dian. Ingredients: Fresh bean curb, Seaweed, Assam, Chilli , Salt, Sugar & seasoning.

It comes in a plastic container and the Otak-like product in middle picture was the frozen state it was in. After steaming, the frozen Assam sauce melted and became a great gravy to go with the Ladyfingers that Mum added in. The Ladyfingers would have tasted better if they were sliced into slimer pieces to better absorb the gravy. I would think the selling point is the appetising Assam sauce more than the beancurb skin vegetarian fish.
One can finish bowls of rice with it. :-) Quite reasonable priced around $3.50 for a big piece. You should be able to get it from most Vegetarian supply shops.