Friday, June 6, 2008

Spicy Bean Curb

I first tasted spicy bean curb at SiChuan, China & fell in love with it. Hence, decided to recreate my own version here.

- get a bowl of hot plain soft bean curb (without syrup) from any Soy Drink stall (try to get from one that is famous for its smoothness)

- Belachan chilli (with chilli oil )
- Vegetarian Dried shrimp (optional, can be obtained from same source as Belachan chilli)
- light soy sauce
- Sesame oil

1) Simply mix a tablespoon of Belachan chilli (with chilli oil) with some light soy sauce (1 teaspoon or to taste) & 2 drops of sesame oil in a saucer.

2) Scoop desired quantity of bean curb.

3) Pour desired amount of mixed sauce on top of bean curb & softly mix evenly.

4) Add Vegetarian Dried shrimp on top (optional).

There it is, my own version of simplified Spicy bean curb. :-) May not look as nice and taste as good as the Original one but good enough for time being...

Let me know if you find any nice smooth bean curb stalls...

Cheers :-)

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