Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegetarian Assam Fish

Another new product tried! Vegetarian Assam Fish! Claims to be 100% Vegetarian, product of Singapore from Tian Xin Su Shi Bao Dian. Ingredients: Fresh bean curb, Seaweed, Assam, Chilli , Salt, Sugar & seasoning.

It comes in a plastic container and the Otak-like product in middle picture was the frozen state it was in. After steaming, the frozen Assam sauce melted and became a great gravy to go with the Ladyfingers that Mum added in. The Ladyfingers would have tasted better if they were sliced into slimer pieces to better absorb the gravy. I would think the selling point is the appetising Assam sauce more than the beancurb skin vegetarian fish.
One can finish bowls of rice with it. :-) Quite reasonable priced around $3.50 for a big piece. You should be able to get it from most Vegetarian supply shops.


Anonymous said...

You are smart! Adding oka it looks so yummy and the colour combination just nice. And at the same time, we have our intake of veg! clever.

oh yeah, i like these photos very much.

Cheers, crystal

Sunny said...

My mum's the smart one.
She's always worried abt me not having a balanced diet.:-)

But I did take the pictures.:P

Thanks for the comments, I think you take better pictures with your additional effort to decorate your dishes. :-)


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Pls tell your mum, that she is talented in whipping up veg food.

You should take photo of all the veg food she prepared and blog it. She will be happy ...