Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lazy Way of Enjoying Avocado

Yes, it's me on instant food series again.
So simple,
choose a ripen, soft avocado,
just cut the fruit into half without hurting the seed,
and use the half with the hollow space (without the seed) as a saucer for chilli,
use a small spoon and scoop the fruit like ice-cream & dip with the chilli sauce.
Heinz chilli sauce is currently my favourite dip as it is sweet & a good complement to the avocado which is quite bland in taste. :-)
Or for those who likes some thrill, use wasabi as the complement dip. :-)
For those who really like sweetness, try Molasses, healthy & nutritious!

What do you do with the seed?
Wash it with running water, dry it, then plant it with 1/3 of the tip popping out of the soil.
Water it daily, and in a few weeks, if you are one with green fingers, a stalky green plant would grow.

Yes, it grows in Spore weather... But it may take long before you can enjoy the fruit. :-)

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