Sunday, October 17, 2010

Burdock Fibrous Shredded

This had been prepared in resemblence to the meat floss in vegetarian version (no Fried food, no Preservatives, no MSG) which tasted great with porridge.:-)
A product from Taiwan with main ingredients: Burdock, Non-GMO soy protein, Olive Grape-Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cane Sugar, sesame, Pea Powder, Wheat Protein, Salt & Vegetarian seasoning.

Had been looking for it for a long time since last tried it in India/Sri Lanka last Dec and I happen to discover this vegetarian shop : Ko's Vegetarian Pte Ltd while exploring the Xin Ming/Shunfu estate. In there, I found my other favourite snacks such as the Vegetarian Buckwheat Seaweed Cookies . :-)

It's a comparative neat air-conditioned shop which is a great contrast to other shops in an old HDB estate (Blk23, Sin Ming Rd, #01-33) that caught my attention. Half of it is an area selling instant vegetarian supplies & snacks while the other half is a Buddhist bookshop promoting mainly Dharma books of Venerable Master Yin Shun & Venerable Master Tai Xu as well as a small section of Dharma book free distribution section. I was told the shop may be only one of the 2 in Singapore that you could find works of the 2 Great Masters. Opening hours generally 10am-6pm daily , rest alternate Sunday, manned by Venerable De Zhen from PKFT who is ever friendly to introduce one to good books.

Great to discover another interesting shop amidst my foodhunt mission. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello. How is the taste of the burdock fibrous shredded? What is PKFT?



Sunny said...

Hi passerby,
It tasted much like the meat floss in my fading memory of meat floss.:P

PKFT - abbreviations of a temple's name nearby

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you happen to have the nutritional information of this meat floss?

Sunny said...

You mean the vitamin or mineral contents?
Sorry, did not take note. But it is now easily available in most vegetarian supply shops so you could try picking up a pack to read.