Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sweet Noodles

In a recent puja attended, there was a small bowl of sweet noodles  (Tian Mee) served during lunch which brought back good old memories when we were young and our parents used to bring us to visit a temple at Punggol which served the sweet noodles on their Sunday lunch to the public. S enquired mum if she could remember and mum replied that the sweet noodles is a birthday celebration noodles for the Teochews and served monthly at the temple. Only then do we know this Teochew tradition and a request was made to cook this noodles on next birthday.
Hence, this bowl of simple but full of love and sweetness noodles shown above materialised.  
Simply drop a cube of coconut/brown sugar into a pot of water to boil and then put the fine eggless noodles (boiled & drained in advance) into the pot to cook. No other ingredients needed. Well, now I understand why in the lunch, only a small bowl about 2 mouthful is distributed for each to taste, because taking one normal portion bowl can be overwhelming! 2 mouthful is just nice...Good things need not be much, so just cook one small bowl for all to share the sweetness...  :-)
May All Be Well !!!
May All Be Happy !!!

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