Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brown Rice Handmade Noodles

Recently this brand of Brown Rice Handmade Noodles (ONE~Organic Natural Essential) had invaded local vegetarian super-marts. Easy to cook like instant noodles, just throw it into a pot of hot water and add your own seasoning and ingredients, it makes a more healthier choice. (Quantity equals about 2 packs of instant noodles and price)
They offer 3 choices: Mee Tarik (labelled Lamian but after expansion like fattened Yimian); Mee Suah & Mee Soya (Banmian) which represent different thickness. I prefer their Mee Suah which when expanded after cooking becomes like the smooth Handmade noodles (Lamian) that is of right smooth texture and thickness that I like.

Product of Malaysia with ingredients : Brown Rice Powder, Unbreached Four, Sea Salt, Distilled Water.

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