Saturday, October 20, 2007

Natural Health Food - Funori (Bird's nest of the sea)

In a visit to an organic health food shop, I was recommended "Bird's Nest of The Sea" - Funori or jelly seaweed which I was told has great nutritional value.

(It expanded after an hour)

(Boiled red dates with Funori)

According to the label, its mineral content includes: calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.

It is believed that the ample iron in funori is beneficial to metabolism such that fatigue does not occur so readily and its abundance in calcium can prevent steoporosis.

Its rich collagen also serves to replenish the cartilage between joints, strengthen bones, sinews and ligaments as well as lower back pains etc.

Sounds like really good stuff, so I bought a pkt to try...

I soaked half of it in water as instructed & it really expanded 5-8times :P

I tried the simplest recipe recommended:

1. Boil red dates/wolfberries with rock sugar (yellow sugar preferred and be generous with it so that the sweetness covers the funori's "fishy" smell) until fully cooked.

2. Leave to cool & add chopped funori.

3. For those who like the dessert cold, you may put it in fridge & its gelatin texture will cause it to be jelly like which I find it more tasty this way:-)

The final product looks like Bird's nest which is also likely how it gets its common name but texture is not as good. If anyone knows more ways of cooking it to make it tastier, do let me know as its original taste is rather bland & innovative ideas are required to make it tastier & popular.

Strongly encouraged to take for its nutritional value.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny

This is something new to me. WOW, Vegan will loves this, good substitue for bird nest.

Thanks for sharing :) --- crystal

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,
Thanks for visiting, I know you are a great chef, ps try & innovatise with your creativity to give this nutritional food a boost. It's available in vegetarian or organic stores & much cheaper than bird nest <$10 for 100g as shown in picture(which expand many times after soaking in water)
Cheers, :-) Sunny

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

Can share with me how much you brought it & how much does it cost per pack?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

When did you brought it & how much does it cost per pack? Can share with me?


Sunny said...

Hi anonymous, I last bought this at abt $9 (not sure if any change in prices with inflation recently:P)per pack (100g)at Kampung Senang, a centre encouraging organic food just a month ago. It has a small retail section on organic vegetables, fruits and products.

You can find out more info via my favourite link: kampung senang at the right column or

There are a number of outlets (you can view under their: "Contact us" and the most convenient to me is this outlet abt 5-10mins walk from Aljunied MRT)
Holistic Lifestyle Centre - Kampung Senang Aljunied
Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent, #01-205, Singapore 380106
Tel: 6749 8509
[Nearest MRT: Aljunied]

It shd be available in other shops selling Organic food as well.
Cheers :-)

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I finally got this at Fortune Centre, a small pack $5. Too bad, they didn't have any instruction on cooking it.

Anyway, i haven't done anything with it yet, must wait till i am free and re-read your post :)

Sunny said...

Great, msut soak it at least 4 hrs then it will be soft.
I followed another recipe from Zaobao to make into a cold dish.
After soaking & cleaning, tear them into small shreds and put them into a big bowl to mix with lemon juice, sea salt & sesame oil. They recommended adding in Beet Root shreds & ginger juice too and soak the whole mixture for 2 hours for flavouring to settle in.
Well, just add what you like in proportion and not bad taste. :-)
Just that you must know how long to soak to get the right texture, they always recommend 2-4 hrs at packaging but I think it needs 4hrs & above or else too chewy.
Let us know how you do it...


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

This time round, i add it to my porridge, it melted as i cooked it for a little while :)

I can find this product at the veg shop at Admirality too. Look like, it getting popular.

Sunny said...

Wow, "bird nest" porridge, what a good idea. Yes, it melt easily in heat. How's the taste? Do post it in your web:-)


Anonymous said...

Taste ok, the colour very very light creamy colour. I just cook for dinner and therefore didn't take photo. It real good that I don't have to use glutionous rice flour to thicken my porridge, it kind of gluey. :) crystal

~Rei's Veggie Land~ said...

Wow, i tried this sea-plant at some dessert stall as a topping and was wondering where to get it. Good that it is rich in iron as i was rejected by bloodbank yesterday due to iron level too low.

Phantom said...

Sea bird nest is best taken raw as a salad for best absorption.

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ingredients:Kappaphycus alvarezii,honey,2 passion fruit and vitagen.

Simply mix these 4 ingredients together and you get a bowl of delicious and nutrition Kappaphycus alvarezii.

Fruits and vitagen helps your body to absorp the nutrition of Kappaphycus.

Yvonne said...

May I know where you buy this product?

Sunny said...

Hi Yvonne,
It can now be easily seen in most organic or vegetarian products supply shop.

In town, you can try Fortune centre near Bugis. The #01 Vegetarian supply shop behind the escalator or at #02-23 Tian Yuan, turn right after escalator hidden behind stretch of shops.
They also sell the easier to cook version :
which you could combine the 2 to get better taste & results.