Friday, November 9, 2007

Fruit Mask

Being a lazy person, I hardly spend time to take care of my skin. There is a saying that there is no ugly women but lazy women:P.

When my skin starts to give signal that it needs attention & moisture, and not in time to wait for my next facial appointment, I will do a quick DIY by getting a packet of the strawberry facial masque from Watson store (at <$2).

The product label has indicated that it contains vegetarian collagen (most other facial product collagen are mostly non-vegetarian unless specifically indicated) and is against animal testing.

The masque is able to let me apply twice even when I use it generously, so that makes it <$1 per use:-)

The product is so natural that you can actually see strawberry ingredients (the seedlike rough exterior of strawberry?).
And is easy to use for a lazy person like me, just cleanse your face & apply generously on your face & neck & leave it for 10-5minutes then rinse. Ater the rinse, I feel that my skin is revitalised & moisturised. Have a try :-)

Disclaimer: Natural extract can cause sensitivity too, it is always advisable to apply a small amt to inside of your upper arm to test for any reaction.

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