Monday, January 14, 2008

济公喉宝JiGong Hou Bao

Being a Glutton, I will sometimes overeat & suffer from indigestion, my immediate antidote will be to take this preserved product.

I remember when I was young & whenever I suffer from upset stomach, my mum will scoop a teaspoon of this preserved fruit 佛手果 (gift from my god-grandmother many years ago from China) with sugar & water & let me drink. It always work wonder.

The name 佛手果 (not sure its English name but the direct translation is "Fruit of Buddha's hand") may be derived bec its original fruit looks like a hand & its medical effects is great so people might have associated it with the great Buddha who cures? Guessing:P
In recent years, you can see it being marketed as one of the plants for the Chinese New Year festive.

Now, in the market, mixed with other ingredients such as LuoHanGuo, almond, honey, & peppermint etc, it comes in small bottles & is easy to carry & consume. It is marketed more as soothing for throat but I usually use it more for indigestion.:P

Easily available in most Chinese Medical shops, it usually comes in package of six & costs less than a $1 per bottle, a treasure that I always carry along when I travel nowadays.:-)


Anonymous said...

I had a bad throat irritation & cough for last few days. I suddenly remembered this pdt marketed for throat soothing. Tried it and by a qtr bottle, it really worked! I felt much better :P Haha, so it is really for throat soothing :-)

Sunny :-)

hopeful geranium said...

Fo Shou
Botanical name: Citrus medica sarcodactylis
Common name: Finger citron fruit, Buddha's hand
Literal name translation: Buddha's hand

Family: Rutaceae
Part used in Chinese medicine: fruit

Major Chinese medicine actions:
Regulates Liver qi, strengthens Spleen, harmonizes Stomach,
transforms phlegm, alleviates cough

So you are both right - it can both help the digestion (stomach and liver) and soothe the throat.
Like most herbs - and unlike most drugs - it helps in more than one way.