Monday, January 14, 2008

Preserved Ginger with Plum Juice

Another Life-saving product for me. I get to know it when I suffered from mild food-poisoning & stomach flu while travelling in China. A kind tour-mate auntie gave me a bottle to try & it works.

(驱寒)话梅姜, it really drives away the chill. With plum added to it, the "hotness" taste of the ginger is negated with the plum taste so even non-ginger lover is able to accept it. It really drives away the wind in the stomach & helps keep your body warm. A good companion for travel especially to cold countries.

I tried to find it in Spore but it is a product from HongKong and so far is not available in Spore. And it is not available in any shop in HK. Even the HongKongers may not be able to find it in their neighborhood when I told my friend who travelled to HK to search for me.

The mystery was resolved only when I managed to contact the tour-mate & ask where she got it.
It is only available in the Wing Wah 荣华 Shop at HK Airport.
Don't know why it is only available as export gift, but hopefully it will be available in Spore shops soon as I am running low in supply.

If any of you going HK, pls let me know. I need to "longbang" to get more bottles.
Or if you happen to know that it is now available in Spore, please let me know where:-)


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...


How about adding plum sauce to preserved young ginger (those used for century egg) or shredded young ginger? Wonder whether would it work the same, young ginger might not be that good compare to old ginger.

Nice stuff, you have featured here.

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

DIY? Good idea but must experiment right portion of ingredients including sugar , salt etc. Tried another brand bf but still this one taste better.
Can try to experiment :-)


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I think i saw this in Malaysia(Jusco), but i didn't buy it. I didn't take note of the brand as i was in a hurry.

Sunny said...

Thanks, so far only that brand mentioned tasted good. Anyway, I just got my fresh supply that can last me for another year from HK. :P