Saturday, March 1, 2008

Almond Dessert

One small bowl/cup of almond dessert with fruit cocktail or longan outside costs about $2 or more.
With this instant product which you can find easily at supermarkets, you could prepare a serving for six at <$1.50 (almond dessert alone) & in minutes.

So simple that you just need to know how to boil water to prepare it.

1) Just pour the packet ingredients into boiling water (2 cups or 500g or if you do not like it to be too sweet, 2.5-3 cups to your liking), continue to boil & stir constantly until Dessert dissolve.

2) Pour into mould/big bowl & allow to cool. Dessert will set in 30min or 15min with refrigeration.

3) May add some fruit cocktail on top of it or cut the dessert into bite size cubes to serve with fruit cocktail or longan Or even eat it plain.:-)

Even simpler than cooking instant noodles if you just eat it plain without fruits. No Hassle dessert that suits a lazy person like me.

Its ingredients: Sugar, Non-fat dry milk, Glucose, Natural vegetable gum, Almond.

This brand has other flavours like Mango & Durian but I like its Almond flavour Best. Personally, I prefer to use fresh fruits for Mango & Durian pudding:P.

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Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I used to use this brand and even my boy can follow the instruction and make jelly.

Do you like ice jelly with cocktails fruits?

It is very simple to make too. I