Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vegetarian Instant Pasta

I got this Vegetarian Instant Tomato & Vegetable Pasta from Nature Vegetarian. (They do sell some tibits, frozen vegetarian products, dry stocks and New Year cookies! near the drink stall)
The manufacturer is Honsei Pte Ltd at Singapore. They have Pasta of other flavours like cream of Mushroom, but personally I prefer tomato-sauced pasta so I decided to start with it.
It comes in a small cup with instant pasta in packet as shown and a hugh packet of powder which as per label says, contains non-dairy creamer (despite the name, it contains milk protein derivatives !), yeast extract, tomato extract, corn starch, salt, vegetable gum, soya protein, dried herbs, spices, calcium and vitamin C. (Not a scientific person, I always wonder how these extra minerals and vitamins are inputed!)
Per instructions, I poured hot water into cup , stir well and close the lids for 3 minutes and I got a lovely cup of pasta.
The sauce tasted surprisingly better than expected, though the pasta was not as well-cooked which could be the water I used wasn't hot enough but generally overall, it tasted reasonably.:-) It would be better if the portion of the pasta could be bigger though. :-)


Anonymous said...

Just a note. 'Non-dairy creamers' are still milk-derivatives - thus non-vegan. :-[

- anonone

Sunny said...

Hi anonone,
Thanks for the info, what a misleading name!
Just checked wikipedia:
..Non-dairy creamers typically contain sodium caseinate, and a milk protein (casein) derivative that does not contain lactose...
So Vegans, beware!!!