Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vegetarian Snack Time!!!!

Must try!!!!
I got this Crispy Cereal Cracker from Kg Senang's stall during Vesak @ kmspks.
The actual cracker looks per picture, it comes in 7 mini packs with thin piece of crispy cracker and be careful, it is fragile....
In good form of 1 whole piece, while eating it, you really feel being pampered and blessed with such a delicacy.
On top of the wheat cracker, one can find:
Sesame seeds, Soybean, Pumpkin seeds, Cashew nuts, Mung bean seeds, Pearl barley, Brown rice.
Nutritious & delightfully tasty, a touching sensation arouse when you put it in your mouth...too sentimental???:PP
Nutri Mate is a product from Thailand, imported by The Sukha House Pte Ltd.

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