Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vege Kim-chi Roll

Another similar product like Fried Pumpkin Patty. Tasted very similar except that the fillings is now kimchi & not pumpkin. (somehow, the fillings is not very equal in portion, I would think stricter quality control shd be enforced)

I would think a more healthy way will be to steam it or quick boil though recommended is frying on its label.

Ingredients: Glucomannan, Canola oil, Starch, Salt, Sugar, Kimchi, Vegetarian seasoning.

However, Milk products had been mentioned as allergens on its label & ingredients described not as comprehensive as the Fried Pumpkin Patty's. There is a Lacto vegetarian label so likely the whey protein which contains milk protein had been omitted in the label...

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Anonymous said...

I saw this product at the Wholesaler too.