Friday, August 14, 2009

Vegetable Dumpling

Another vegetarian product from Taiwan. This is currently my favourite brand of instant dumplings, and mum always stock this with the Super Veg. Ball to fix up a quick soup for me. You may steam, boil or fry it.

Also a good complement with instant noodles or vermicelli.:-)

Ingredients on label: Wheat Flour, Cabbage, water, Spring Rain?? (Dong Fen/Rice vermicelli:P), Soybean oil, Soybean protein, Jews-ear??/ (Mu er/Black Fungus:P), Carrot, Celery, Soy Sauce, Sesame oil, Salt.

Easily available in most Vegetarian Food Supply outlets.


Anonymous said...

I got this too.

Cheers :)crystal

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Just saw it at NTUC - same product and weight - S$4.90 per pack, currently at the NTUC store near me - Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

S$2.50 at wholesaler :)