Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Super Veg. Ball & Noodles

I had the opportunity to do some cooking when my cook-my mum was out of town. Knowing that I would settle my meals with instant noodles & I like to have ingredients to go with it, she made sure that she stocked up my favourite Super Veg. Balls & some vegetables before she left for her trip.

Introducing my favourite - Super Veg. Ball (Main ingredients are mushroom & yam powder) It is a must to add to my soup. It is crunchy & is a good substitute for meat ball. (Must recognise this brand/packaging, tried another brand of bigger size ball but is not as nice:P )

Next, is my favourite vegetables - Di Huang Cai. Usually stir-fry with vegetarian oyster sauce but taste as good when cooked with soup.
Yummy, just throw in whatever ingredients I could find, add in my own seasoning: light soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce & sesame oil.
In 10 minutes, a nice bowl of noodles is ready :-)

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