Saturday, November 10, 2007

Himalayan Rock Salt

Before seeing this product, I knew only about 2 types of salt: table salt & sea salt. The label states that the Himalayan Rock Salt is mined from ancient salt deposits formed over millions of years :P , is naturally fortified with 84 trace minerals and compleletly chemical free. Wow! In comparison to sea salt, it is also lower in sodium content (less salty) and certainly a healthier choice for cooking . I was even recommended to use this to to brush my teeth & as a substitute to soap for bath/facial scrub.The price is rather reasonable, just slightly expensive than table salt in considering the various advantages so I bought a bottle to try. I had tried using it as facial & body scrub & it sure work as well as those expensive scrub bought. The only problem with scrub is your skin will feel dry so you will have to apply moisturiser after that to replenish your moisture. Hence, I would recommend using it on weekly rather than daily basis.
Had too much heaty food that you developed mouth ulcers? You may also use it to mix with water to rinse your mouth, I think it does help :-)
Wonders of salt... :-)

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