Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wakame Seaweed Shoot & Udon noodles

Introducing traditional Japanese Health Food - Wakame Seaweed Shoot. It is believed to be a perfect source of natural organic minerals, a must for miso soup. It is commonly found in instant noodles pack. In dried form, it just look something like dried tea leaves. For the pack that I bought from the organic store, I just quickly wash & drain a small portion in a bowl & it expanded to quite a fair portion.

Adding my favourite Super Veg. Ball, WuXiang Toufu & whatever vegetables I could find to my udon, I added my own seasoning : light soy sauce, veg. oyster sauce & sesame oil. Simply add the seaweed shoot just before you switch off the fire & cover the pot, let it simmer for a while & you have a nice bowl of nutritious soup udon. :-)

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Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I find that no matter what we put in our noodle that is cooking at home, it can be real simple but tastes real nice.